Church Family,


We wanted to let you know that Pastor Gene tested positive for COVID this AM. He became symptomatic late last night and all things pointed to him having a sinus infection. We were all shocked when he received a positive diagnosis. At this time he has some mild symptoms.


Please know, he had no idea that he was sick as he had not been symptomatic or feeling bad. Though he was around our people, we have all been careful that our interactions have been intermittent and quick.

We had sanitized both buildings since Sunday and will again this week. We have continued to take precautions in how we have interacted with each other.  We have worked very hard to keep our people safe and approach this time in our ministry with caution and balance.

In light of this, we will be canceling all services until at least Sunday morning, December 6th. The Church Offices will be closed as of today and they will remain closed through the week of Thanksgiving. Our current plan is to resume church services on the 6th of December but that is not definite at this point. We will observe where we are as a ministry at that time and proceed from there.

Thank you for your prayers and concern for our pastor. Pray that he would not have anything more than a mild case with this and that Leslie and the children stay well during this time.