Music Team Message

July 22, 2021

I hope you are having a great week. VBS is going so well! Thank you for praying for the week. We have ministered to over 100 children each night and have made some great contacts with new families.

REMINDER: Our new Sunday AM schedule will be 9:30 SS and 10:30 worship for the next 6 weeks.

The choir will be singing "We Will Remember" Sunday morning but will not be singing Sunday evening.

Please know "I Am" for rehearsal Wednesday. For your convenience, the new choir songs have been added to the bottom of the Sunday AM schedule but remember they are always available to you on the Wednesday rehearsal schedule.

I look forward to worshiping with you all Sunday.

Here is the text thread I had with Tom and Rebecca Peck.

Sam: "Our choir spent some time tonight praying for all of you tonight. We love you, hurt for you, and have lifted you up to the Lord! God bless you all."

Here is the text thread I had with Tom and Rebecca Peck after they received the choir video and the cards we sent after the death of their son Derek.

Tom: "Oh Bro Sam, thanks for reaching out and encouraging us in this very special way! We are definitely hurting, but we are clinging to the promise of seeing Derek again."
Sam: "We all cried with you tonight. And so shall we be called up into the air to meet Him with those who have gone before. Comfort one another with these words. When my mom died suddenly in a car accident I was 8. My brother was 6. All we had to hold onto was HOPE. There is still that blessed hope. May a supernatural, Holy Ghost peace envelope you, Rebecca, and every member of your family."
Rebecca: "Bro. Sam, This is Rebecca. We are so humbled that you would take the time in your rehearsal to minister to us. What a blessing!!!!   Please express to the choir how greatly they have encouraged us tonight. We love all of you our Parker’s Chapel family. You are dear to our hearts."
Sam: "I will let them know. We love you too!"
Rebecca: "Bro. Sam, Thank you so much for the wonderful outpouring of love you and the choir have given us. It means so very much. Every card is precious. Please let them all know we love and appreciate them dearly."
Tom: "This is Tom chiming in …Yes, thank you so much for the prayers and cards."

Brother Sam

Music Ministry Calendar Of Events (subject to change)

Music rehearsals every Wednesday unless noted below.

Orchestra at 6:00 PM and choir at 6:30 PM

July 18 - AM: I Believe He’s Alive (Octavo) Cassie Burroughs
               PM: not singing

July 21 - No Rehearsals

July 25 - AM: We Will Remember (Octavo) Stephen Stox
               PM: not singing

August 1 - AM: Wonder Working Power (Octavo) Pal
                   PM: We Will Remember (Octavo) Stephen Stox
August 8 - AM: I Am (Print) Jim McComas
                   PM: Through The Fire (Octavo) Jim McComas
August 15 - AM: Lost (print) Ladies Trio
                     PM: Wonder Working Power (Octavo) Pal

August 18 - No Rehearsals

August 22 - AM: Here He Comes (Octavo) Stephen Stox
                     PM: Lost (Print) Ladies Trio

August 29 - AM: TBD
                     PM: Here He Comes (Octavo) Stephen Stox